Thursday, February 28, 2013

Men Behind The Sun (1988)

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This movie is ranked as one of the 5 most disturbing/vile films of all time (Salo, Cannibal Holocau$t, etc). There were no subs on the DVD, nor are there on any release that I am aware of. Thus being said, the soundtrack is an "English Dub". This is the full 100min version...nothing is cut away, and yes, it contains the "cat scene". 
Mini Plot:
As World War II draws to a close, Japanese army officers are cooking up biological weapons to deploy as a last-ditch effort. They test their prototypes on Chinese and Russian war prisoners at an underground facility called Squadron 731, conducting horrific experiments. A gory Chinese polemic, considered a cult classic for its sheer shock value. Followed by a sequel, "Laboratory of the Devil."


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