Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Princess and the Pilot (2011)

Genre : Action, Adventure, Airforce, Military, Novel, Romance, Seinen

As a beautiful daughter of the noble family del Moral, Fana was proposed to by Prince Carlo, who is the crown prince of their country Levamme. However, since Levamme is at war with Amatsuvian, the marriage had to wait until the war ends. Meanwhile, as a bestado, the lowest caste in Levamme, Karino Charles had always dreamed of flying and eventually became the ace pilot of the San Maltilia air force. Although he was often mistreated, a glorious chance came about when the Amatsuvian bombarded del Moral's home in order to get rid of the future empress. Charles was then entrusted with the top secret mission of delivering the princess to the prince of Levamme.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Hellsing Ultimate - OVA 07

Hellsing Ultimate - OVA 07 sudah rilis
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chittagong (2012)

Genre : Action | Drama | War

Set in the turbulence of the 1930s British Bangladesh, Chittagong is a true story of a 14 year old boy, Jhunku, and of his journey to find where he belongs. For the first time in Indian history, the British army is defeated by a ragtag army of schoolboys and their teacher, Masterda. Called a traitor by his peers, and let down by a man he trusts, Jhunku impulsively joins the movement. As his world is turned upside down, Jhunku is forced to confront his self-doubts. As the leaders of the movement are progressively caught or killed, Jhunku battles against seemingly insurmountable odds to win a victory of his own. The film is an exciting action-drama, made more so by the fact that it is true.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tekkon Kinkreet (2006)

Genre : Action, Angst, Conspiracy, Fantasy, Manga, Super Power, Tragedy, Violence, Yakuza


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hellsing Ultimate - OVA 06

Hellsing Ultimate - OVA 06 sudah rilis
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Rosa Morena (2010)

Country: Denmark, 2010
Language: Danish and Portuguese

Plot: Thomas, a Danish g*y man, is unable to adopt in his home country. He visits a friend in Brazil to explore the possibility of bringing home a child. Eventually he meets Maria, a poor woman who is willing to give away the child she is carrying in exchange for money. As he waits for the child, Thomas takes care of Maria, and their relationship develops in a way he did not expect.

Director: Carlos Augusto de Oliveira
Writers: Jens Dahl, Morten Kirkskov (idea)
Stars: Anders W. Berthelsen, Bárbara Garcia and David Dencik

File size : 1.08 GiB
Duration : 1h 29mn
Width : 688 pixels
Height : 288 pixels

Password : Bandit-Iseng


Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 13 END

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 13 sudah rilis
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 12

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 12 sudah rilis
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Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yoseitachi (2013)

A cyber battle sci-fi. In 2022, the technology of quantum computing has greatly advanced and many people have transfered their mind into the cyber space.
Remu's sister-in-law, Shiki, skipped grades and entered a high school in the academic city "Okinotori-island Mega Float City (OMFC)" when she was 14. One day, Shiki confessed to her brother via Skype that she was talking to him directly from the cyber space and her real body had been kept in a water tank filled with a culture medium. It's called "Body pool" and Shiki connected to the network by nanomachines implanted in her brain.
Remu was surprised but he accepted her decision until an accident called "Early Rupture" happened. The network server got overloaded and users' minds were lost in cyber space leaving soulless living bodies in the Body Pools. In order to bring Shiki's mind back, Remu visits her apartment in OMFC and there meets Shiki escaped from the hospital. But the girl tells him that she is not Shiki and she happens to haven taken over Shiki's body.
When Remu tries to figure out the situation, a violent attack strikes the apartment.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Unagi AKA The Eel (1997)

Movie Information
Title : Unagi (1997) 
Genre : Drama 
Directed by : Shohei Imamura 
Cast : Kôji Yakusho, Misa Shimizu. 
IMDB rating : 7.3/10 (2,451 votes) 
Awards : 14 wins & 13 nominations; won Golden Palm at Cannes Film Festival in 1997 
Language : Japanese 

General Information
Source : DVD NTSC 
Format : MPEG-4 
File size : 1.25 GiB 
Duration : 1h 56mn 
Overall bit rate : 1 541 Kbps 

Format : AVC 
Format profile : High@L3.1 
Bit rate : 1 400 Kbps 
Resolution : 720 x 384 pixels 
Display aspect ratio : 16/9 
Frame rate : 23.976 fps 
Writing library : x264 core 84 r1400kGIT 20fa784 
Encoding settings : cabac=1 / ref frames=4 / deblock=1:0:0 / trellis=2 / rc=2pass 

Format : AAC 
Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec 
Format version : Version 4 
Format profile : LC 
Bit rate : 139 Kbps 
Maximum bit rate : 149 Kbps 
Channel(s) : 2 channels 
Channel positions : L R 
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz 
Resolution : 16 bits 

PASSWORD : Bandit-Iseng


Friday, July 19, 2013 MovieMagz Edisi 8

Size : 46 mb / Page : 120

Musim panas adalah saat yang paling ditunggu para penggemar film. Ya inilah kompetisi film yang sesungguhnya, milyaran pasang mata diseluruh belahan dunia akan menentukan film yang layak disebut terbaik. Budget ratusan juta dollar, deretan bintang terbaik Hollywood (Robert Downey JR, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Henry Cavill dll) dengan arahan para sutradara papan atas (J.J Abram, Zac Snyder, Marc Foster dll) semuanya bersaing untuk menjadi yang terbaik di musim panas ini. Simak ulasan lengkap tentang 7 film Summer Blockbuster dalam 34 halaman khusus. Mewakili segenap Moviemagz Crews kami persembahkan hasil kerja keras selama beberapa bulan... Enjoy This Summer Blockbuster Edition 


SPecials Thanks Jeng @_n1A_ ats kesediaanya sebagai QC 



Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 11

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 11 sudah rilis
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Princess Arete (2001)

Genre : Fantasy, Magic, Mina


Confined in the castle tower by her father princess Arete spends her days watching the world outside her window. Sometimes she seeks out to watch the common people at work. The knights of the kingdom compete for the right to marry her and rule the land by competing to see who can find powerful magic objects made by a long dead race of sorcerers. Arete wants none of this. She longs to meet the common people and travel to exotic lands she has only seen in the books she keeps hidden under her bed. One day the sorcerer Boax arrives in a fantastic flying machine to take Arete as his wife and fly off with her to his far away castle. 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 10

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 10 sudah rilis
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Monday, July 15, 2013

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 9

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 09 sudah rilis
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hellsing Ultimate - OVA 05

Hellsing Ultimate - OVA 05 sudah rilis
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Me-resync Subtitle Dengan Program Subtitle Edit (Part 2)

Berikut ini akan dijelaskan cara meresynch sebuah subtitle berbahasa Indonesia dengan menggunakan source sub yang memiliki timing yg cocok dengan filmnya. Dan cara ini sangat mudah sekali dilakukan. 

Apabila teman-teman telah mendownload sebuah subtitle Indonesia yang bahasanya sudah bagus, namun timingnya tidak cocok dengan film yg dimiliki, dan ternyata subtitle yg timingnya cocok dengan film yang dimiliki ternyata berbahasa Inggris. Lalu bagaimana cara mengubah timing subtitle berbahasa Indonesia tadi menjadi pas dan sama dengan timing sub berbahasa Inggris tadi, sehingga cocok dengan file film yang dimiliki? 

Syarat yang harus dipenuhi agar cara resynch ini berhasil adalah Sub Indonesia dan Source Sub Inggris memiliki jumlah line yang sama. 

Kalau jumlah line-nya tidak sama bagaimana? Caranya bisa menggunakan trik Meresynch Subtitle Dengan Program Subtitle Edit (Part 1). Dan apabila dengan cara tersebut juga tidak berhasil, akan dijelaskan nanti pada postingan trik berikutnya. 

Oke! Kita kembali ke pokok pembahasan… 

1. Memiliki program Subtitle Edit (SE) yang bisa didownload dari
2. Memiliki file subtitle Indonesia yang ingin di-resynch 
3. Memiliki file source subtitle Inggris yang akan diambil acuan timingnya 
4. Line sub Indonesia dan line source sub Inggris memiliki jumlah yang sama. 
5. Memiliki file film yang ingin di-resynch 
6. File subtitle Indonesia dan film memiliki nama yang sama. Kalau tidak sama, samakan terlebih dahulu. Source sub Inggris tidak perlu disamakan namanya. 
7. Letakkan file subtitle di folder yang sama dengan file film. 

Membuka file subtitle dengan program SE 
Pertama-tama buka program SE, lalu pilihlah file subtitle Indonesia yang akan diresynch. Caranya bisa dengan mengklik file > open > cari file subtitle Indonesia yang ingin diresynch. Atau bisa juga dengan mengklik icon folder. Setelah itu, kalian bisa mulai meresynch. 

Resynch file subtitle dengan cara mengganti timing dari source sub Inggris yang sudah ada 
1. Setelah program SE dibuka. Kalian siap untuk mulai meresynch. Klik dua kali line pertama dari file subtitle. Blok dan Baca line pertama subtitle. 

2. Kemudian klik File > Import time codes > Pilih source sub Inggris 

3. Dan proses resynch telah selesai. 

Mudah sekali bukan? 

Blassreiter AKA Burasureitā - Episode 05

Blassreiter AKA Burasureitā (2008) Episode 05 telah rilis
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 8

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 08 sudah rilis
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 7

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 07 sudah rilis
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Delhi-6 (2009)

A story about love, hope and self-discovery set in the walled city of Delhi (zip code 6) and its chaotic but touching life that forces us to ask questions about ourselves.

Subtitle Indonesia 720p BRRip CharmeLeon Silver RG 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Untuk Semua Yang Mengaku Subber (Tapi Ternyata Cuma Ngandelin Fucking GT) Yang Ada Di Bumi Indonesia

Postingan ini ditujukan khusus buat mereka yg mengupload subtitle Indonesia hasil GT AKA Subtitle Sampah.
Tanpa ba-bi-bu and basa basi yang gak penting.. ane cuma mau bilang "Tahu malu dikit donk!"

Apakah kalian tahu kalau di subscene sampai ada trit himbauan khusus tentang Google Translation yang diperuntukkan untuk manusia Indonesia?

Tahu gak apa itu artinya? Itu artinya, Indonesia begitu (maaf )bobrok dalam dunia subtitle. Masih banyak subtitle sampah yang beredar di subscene dan belum terkena razia. dan keadaan ini makin diperparah dengan masih adanya oknum2 Indonesia yang terus mengupload Sub hasil GT.

Itu melanggar rule subscene, tahu gak lo2 pade!

Memangnya dengan lo2 pade mengupload subtitle GT, orang2 pada bilang terima kasih sama lo semua? DON'T MAKE ME F*CKING LAUGH!!!

Memangnya dengan menggunakan alasan klasik "DARIPADA GAK ADA SUBTITLE INDONESIANYA", lalu kalian bisa seenaknya meng-upload Subtitle Sampah????


Friday, July 5, 2013

Mizu no Kotoba AKA Aquatic Language (2002)

Ini proyek iseng beneran.. kenapa disebut iseng? Soalnya ini merupakan film TV Spesial yang hanya berdurasi 9 menitan.

Year: 2002
Episodes: 1 x ~9mins
Categories: Android, Daily Life, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Drama, Psychological
Director: Yoshiura Yasuhiro
Production: Studio Rikka

"Synopsis: In a cafe, people spend their time talking to each other about what’s on their mind. They talk about troubles with love, spread gossip about a friend of a friend and tell about the time they saw a flying fish. The waitress of the cafe tries to teach a lesson to a boy that just broke up with his girlfriend that relationships don’t end when the people involved part ways. Overall, the other people in the cafe also become influenced by what tools of humanity and the human language can do for relationships between lovers and friends. The unbelievable is always tested by science and our own imaginations..." (Source: A-P)

Kalau mau nonton filmnya.. cari aja sendiri linknya, kalau ane sih downloadnya via torrent

Subtitle Indonesia

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 6

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 06 sudah rilis
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pale Cocoon (ペイル・コクーン Peiru Kokūn) (2006)

Genre : Animation | Short | Sci-Fi
Categories : Cyberpunk, Post-apocalypse, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Tragedy

In the far future when the continuity of the history has been lost, humans live in an ever more deteriorating completely artificial and enclosed world. The sea and the sky have disappeared, and the only window to "living" scenery exists in the records from the past, excavated in the relic.
The Bureau of Record Excavation is an organization responsible for this task. Ura works for the 92nd office of the bureau. He is absorbed by the restoration of various records and fascinated by world of the past. Riko keeps a little distance to watch him, but averts her eyes from the records, believing that sometimes people just want things to stay the same.
Everyone in this world knows that to know the past means to know the misery of this world, the present reality. But one day, Ura restores a strange video...


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 5

Jubei Ninpucho: Ryuhogyoku-Hen aka Ninja Scroll the Series - Episode 05 sudah rilis
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Shigurui: Death Frenzy (2007)

Genre : Action, Manga, Samurai, Shounen, Swordplay, Violence

Type : TV Series, 12 episodes
Year : 19.07.2007 till 11.10.2007

Plot Summary: At the beginning of the Edo Era, when people enjoyed a time of peace, Lord Tokugawa Tadanaga holds a fighting tournament. In the past, matches were fought with wooden swords. This time, real swords will be used. One-armed Fujiki Gennosuke and blind Irako Seigen will fight each other in this match. Both are disciples of Iwamoto Kogan, who is known as Japan's greatest swordsman. Each of them are determined to prove himself the successor of Iwamoto's school. However, there can only be one champion. So begins a story of intertwining fates, conflict, and strange destinies





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