Friday, July 5, 2013

Mizu no Kotoba AKA Aquatic Language (2002)

Ini proyek iseng beneran.. kenapa disebut iseng? Soalnya ini merupakan film TV Spesial yang hanya berdurasi 9 menitan.

Year: 2002
Episodes: 1 x ~9mins
Categories: Android, Daily Life, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Drama, Psychological
Director: Yoshiura Yasuhiro
Production: Studio Rikka

"Synopsis: In a cafe, people spend their time talking to each other about what’s on their mind. They talk about troubles with love, spread gossip about a friend of a friend and tell about the time they saw a flying fish. The waitress of the cafe tries to teach a lesson to a boy that just broke up with his girlfriend that relationships don’t end when the people involved part ways. Overall, the other people in the cafe also become influenced by what tools of humanity and the human language can do for relationships between lovers and friends. The unbelievable is always tested by science and our own imaginations..." (Source: A-P)

Kalau mau nonton filmnya.. cari aja sendiri linknya, kalau ane sih downloadnya via torrent

Subtitle Indonesia

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